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About Us

We specialize in outdoor or indoor spit roasting and BBQ style catering offering a complete menu service or fitting in with your other caterers.

Please do not be put off by our use of the words “Spit Roast and BBQ” in our name. Our roots are very much in the tradition of the Old West, when cattle ranchers and cowboys looked to the Chuck Wagon chef to provide high quality food in all conditions and all weathers without the facilities of a large kitchen while they were on long cattle drives. A hundred cold hungry men will not put up with repetitive sub quality fare so Spit Roasting and BBQ cooking became as varied and inventive as any first class restaurant. Not as the western films portrayed just bacon and beans. If the Chef got it wrong he was likely to be shot so he always ensured things were just right

While we don’t expect to be shot we still work to those exacting standards of cooking and hygiene.

Every occasion big or small will receive the attention of our supervising chef to roast and carve the meat.

To us Quality is King. We only serve locally sourced meat from our local butcher BD Williams Ltd of Llangennech Carmarthenshire, famous throughout South Wales for their high quality meat traceable to farm source. We will only cook free range poultry where the highest farming practices are followed. There is a premium to pay for this quality but it repays in flavour ten fold.

Our side dishes and vegetables are freshly prepared and subject to season locally sourced.

While we concentrate on meat, poultry and fish we recognise that some guests will require vegetarian dishes. We try to give those guests the same quality service in our dishes and variety.